Herbalife Nutrition Side Effects- Everything You Need To Know About This Product And Its Negative Effects On Your Health

It was February 1980 in Los Angeles, California, United States when Herbalife started manufacturing and selling its supplements to the people with the promise to lead a cheerful life and give a perfect shape to your body. It was mainly designed with the motive to be the best replacement for any one of your regular meals to reduce the carb intake that is to help in weight loss. But is it providing you with the perfect remedy?

Problems in Using Herbalife Nutrients as your Daily Supplement

Here are some side effects mentioned below:

  1. Side Effects of Herbalife Nutrition on kidney

Supplements of Herbalife contains a good number of proteins, essential vitamins, minerals, potassium, and phosphorus. But their intake must be revised carefully for people with chronic to kidney diseases. A protein-rich long-term diet leads to the slow development of waste metabolic products in your bloodstream that will damage your kidney. Since it is phosphorous and potassium-rich product, our internal system that is the kidney fails to excrete these nutrients efficiently that leads to damage in your kidneys in long run.

  1. Side Effects of Herbalife Nutrition on Liver

One of the recent problems of this supplement is its effect on the liver. Recent studies and research say that one of the main reasons behind this is the presence of the bacteria Bacillus Subtilis that leads to damage or causes disease in the liver. Herbalife contains a good amount of this bacteria and thus leading itself as a major cause for the damage of the Liver.

  1. Side Effects of Herbalife Nutrition on increase in urination

Products of Herbalife lead to an increase in metabolic rate and thus helps to burn calories that convert into the urine. Frequent urination as a result of this may sometimes be awkward and irritating for one’s self. It leads to dehydration in our bodies if we don’t have plenty of water.

  1. Side Effects of Herbalife Nutrition on increase in Blood Pressure

As mentioned earlier, the nutrients possessed in the supplements of Herbalife lead to the increase of metabolic rate whose intake for a hypertension patient will harm his or her health. So it is definitely not an appropriate remedy for them.

  1. Side Effects of Herbalife Nutrition on Irregular Bowel Movements

Last but not the least, one of its adverse side effects is in the GI tract for lactose-intolerant people especially. It has been also reported to have dark-colored feces and constipation for the persons with regular consumption. So, we have reviewed and analyzed the side effects due to the use of Herbalife Products for daily purposes. Now let us talk about. Now let us analyze details and medical approvals given by specialized doctors.

Medical Approval

In 2016, Herbalife had to settle an amount of $200 million due to some terrific marketing schemes. So, we must review some of the Herbalife supplements based on factors like weight loss and protein to prove their effectiveness and if they are fit for us to consume.

Review on Weight Loss factor by Supplements of Herbalife nutrients

Starting from the date of establishment till present we have known that the main aim or rather I must say that the main monologue for the Herbalife Company is to motivate their customers about the perfect weight loss by consuming Herbalife Nutrients criteria it offers. But the thing is Herbalife does not produce any such research or information about this resolution, so there are no such causes or reasons to have an idea or believe that it reduces the body mass.

Review on Protein Products by Supplements of Herbalife nutrients

The supplements or products of Herbalife contain a rich amount of protein materials like collagens, bars, and more. But we do not know about the fact that whether those mixes contain synthetic vitamins and minerals or not. Synthetic nutrients to a protein Shake will definitely prove to be a wrong resolution because it will not improve the performance rather cause some problems in long run.

Measures you should take

As we know that nothing is good when it is used too much in a long run. Therefore, one must take advice from a specialized doctor before taking such attempts to allow changes in body mass.


I hope this article was helpful enough to let you know about the problems and Side Effects of using Herbalife Nutrients as a necessary supplement in your day-to-day lifestyles.

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