How To Get Periods Immediately?- Everything You Need To Know To Get Your Periods Early

Some menstruators often want their periods to arrive before the date for a lot of reasons. It is indeed difficult to manage those painful 5 days when you have any event, deadlines, or traveling planned. Not to worry, because there are a few things that can help your periods come early.

There is no guaranteed method of getting periods early, therefore, these methods might not be foolproof, but they will help you in inducing menstruation. If you are still facing issues getting your periods, we recommend you check with your doctor.

There are many ways one can regulate their menstrual cycle. While some people choose to take doctor-recommended hormonal contraceptive pills, some opt for natural home remedies that have proven to be effective over the ages.

In this article, we will be discussing various methods for how to get periods immediately.

Ways to Induce Period

The only method of getting period faster that can be trusted is hormonal birth control pills. However, your diet, exercise, stress management, sleep schedule, and overall lifestyle also play a role.

Here are some ways to get periods fast:

  1. Hormonal Birth Control

Hormonal Contraceptives are effective and trustworthy when it comes to managing your menstrual cycle. Birth control pills or the ring can take control of your periods. The pills which act best for controlling your periods are a combination of progesterone and estrogen. The hormonal pills should be taken for 21 days and stop taking them for 7 days. Within these 7 days, you should ideally get your periods.

Keep in mind that if you don’t take tablets for periods recommended by the doctor, your results might be ineffective. Additionally, you might face menstrual and pregnancy problems.

  1. Exercise

Working out is a part of a healthy lifestyle. Light exercise helps loosen the muscles making the periods come faster. Moderate exercise helps regulate the menstrual cycle. If you have a vigorous exercise regimen, there is a chance you might have irregular periods. So, keep it consistent and light. It will also help reduce painful cramps.

  1. Stress Reduction

High levels of stress can cause period irregularities. Relaxing and destressing might help you to get your periods on time if you are facing any difficulty. Normal stress busters like Yoga, journaling, music, meditation, etc., can help with stress.

  1. Orgasm

While many people are cynical about this method, orgasm and healthy sexual activity along with tablets for periods can help you get period fast. Orgasms cause contractions which might cause the cervix to dilate, helping the uterine wall to shed.

  1. Diet and Weight control

Your weight and diet play a significant role in your period regulation. Low body weight can lead to period irregularities or even stop your periods in their entirety. Similarly, high body weights come with a ton of problems including delayed periods. Sudden changes in body weight can also cause irregular menstruation.

Some food items play a role in period regulation. Depending upon the fat, protein, vitamin, fiber, and carb content, your period can be delayed, or flow can be disrupted.

You might want to change your lifestyle if you are facing delayed periods because of these issues. Also, note that excessive calorie restriction or high-intensity exercise can lead to problematic ovulation and other hormonal problems.

What are some foods that can help with periods?

Several foods can help with periods. There are dietary items that can cause periods to induce, manage the pressure in the pelvic area, help with period cramps and resolve the overall period irregularity issue. Let us discuss:

  • Jaggery

Jaggery can help induce menstruation. It is known for its hot nature, which can cause periods to become regular and less painful.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps to induce periods. It stimulates the body to produce estrogen which can lead to the onset of periods.

  • Ginger

If you want an answer to how to get periods immediately, or if you want your messed up period schedule to get back on track, try eating raw ginger or consumer ginger juice. It helps with hormonal balance.

  • Emmenagogue Herbs

This herb stimulates blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus. Often, increased blood flow can cause periods to come fast. You can even use other herbs like oregano, sage, chamomile, parsley, and celery for this purpose.

So, these were some of the foods that can help with periods. Other than this, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, reducing stress, light exercise, timely consumption of pills and regular doctor checkups can help you find the best and most effective answer for how to get periods immediately.


These methods may or may not work for you as everybody is different. However, hormonal pills and a healthy lifestyle is a very effective method to get periods fast. In this article, we have talked about all the ways that can help you get your periods before time. You are recommended to see a doctor if you still face any problems after following these methods.

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