Having a Problem with Large Breasts? Try These Ways to Reduce Breast Size

It is quite natural to be inconvenienced with large breasts which can cause you significant pain. There are some natural methods available that help you to reduce your breast size, like wearing specific bras or having a healthy diet, and many more. You may consider speaking to a doctor if all the natural methods listed here don’t help you at all, but in most cases, it works if you follow these methods strictly.

Some people want to increase their breast size through surgery, but some women also tend to reduce their breast size and even want to know how to reduce cup size from D to B. There is a wide range of sizes and shapes when it comes to breasts but for some people, large breasts get in the way of their daily lives and they want to reduce it. Large breasts may cause discomforts like back pain and neck pain or sometimes the inability to properly wear dresses.  Breasts can increase in size for various reasons like hormonal changes, obesity genetics, obesity, or pregnancy.

How to Reduce Breast Size?

Surgery is always an option if you want to reduce your breast size but it can also be avoided with some less invasive options which are listed below. However, before trying these do remember to talk with your doctor to avoid any kind of problem.

1. Diet

The amount of fat stored in the body is heavily influenced by what you and overall body fat contribute to the size of the breasts. You can optimize your weight and decrease your breast size by maintaining a balanced diet. Some foods which help burn fat include lean meats, vegetables, fish, and fruits, while processed foods and sweets should be strictly avoided and can help you to shed your pounds faster and more efficiently.

2. Ginger

Ginger can help you to stimulate your metabolism and the excess fat throughout the body can be burned easily. You can drink it as a tea three times a day on top of including it in your meals as a natural ingredient to speed up the metabolism and boost the effects of weight loss.

3. Egg White

You can also reduce your breast size by improving your skin tone. Aging or breastfeeding can be responsible for causing the breasts to sag over time and this makes the breasts appear larger than they are. The elasticity of your breast skin can be returned through the use of an egg-white mask. Making an egg white mask is quite simple- beat two egg whites to the point where foam is formed, then apply it on the breasts for 30 minutes.

4. Exercise

Chest fat can be shredded by regular exercise and the muscles underneath the breasts can also be strengthened to reduce the breast size. Since there is a portion contained in the breasts it can be reduced by focusing on cardio and high-intensity exercises. Pushups help to tone the chest and change the appearance of the breasts while also tightening the chest muscles to reduce the overall breast size. However, exercises and strength training alone can not reduce the size alone, since without full-body workout and cardio some exercises can also make the breasts larger.

5. Reduce Estrogen

In, the development of breast tissue estrogen plays a key role so people estrogen with hormonal imbalances should try to counter excess estrogen to reduce the breast size. If you think about medicine to reduce breast size then to inform you, there are some medicines like hormonal contraceptives which can, in turn, increase the estrogen level while increasing the size of the breasts

6. Change Bra

Although it can’t permanently change the size of the breast, the minimizer bras can make the illusion of smaller breasts. They change the breast shape in such a way that it looks flatter and higher on the chest while also offering a supporting strap to reduce neck and back pain. If you can find a supporting and well-fitting bra then it can significantly improve a person’s comfort level and you can find them in most of the stores which offer free bra fitting services.

7. Binding

The breasts are flattened by tightly wrap them in the material. Although it will not prevent the breasts from growing or shrink them, it can help to make the breasts look smaller make the person wearing them feel comfortable. You can talk to a doctor to know about the safest method to wear or use a binding.

8. Green Tea

If you think about how to lose breast weight fast then green tea can be one of your options. It is a natural remedy that is known to promote weight loss. It has several antioxidants which boost the metabolism can also help to reduce breast size.


These are some of the ways on reducing breast size like how to reduce breast size with exercise or the other options. If you are still unsatisfied with the size then you may contact your doctor to help you with surgery but in most cases, the above ways work perfectly. We hope this article can give you a clear understanding of how to reduce breast size.

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