Same Blood Group Marriage has its Own Advantages and Disadvantages based on the Blood Type

No matter what type or group of blood a person carries in their body, it does not affect the person’s and his or her partner’s ability to maintain or experience a healthy and happily married life for themselves even if the two people involved in the married relationship between the same blood group and that is the topic we are going to discuss here which is same blood group marriage.

Though there are some concerns about blood compatibility which may cause damage to either of the partners be it the girl or the boy but those only occur if the two people involved in the same blood group marriage have some incompatibility in the type of antibodies or antigens their group of blood has. The complications are not that serious and can be medically treated by medical experts.

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All about Same blood group marriages

Well, many people around the world have married a person with the same blood group or blood type as them. So it has never been an issue in the world about a same blood group marriage which is common even in the past. Though certain complications may occur during the pregnancy period they can be treated by much medical equipment.

Everything in the world has its advantages and disadvantages, that is also the case in the case of a couple who had a married relationship between the same blood group. They have their own advantages that they share in the married relationship and the complications are also there that they have to face but blood group or type will not come in the way of a couple’s ability to live a happy married life.

The advantage of having a partner of your same blood group

Well, people face many bad things in their daily life, it might occur to anyone no matter how carefully to live your life in such cases a partner with the same blood group as yours will be your savior. Imagine you were driving on the road and suddenly a car whose brakes are not working hit your car and you are in a very severe condition.

People had to take you to the hospital and you have lost a lot of blood and now you need blood. In that case, if you are in a same blood group marriage then your life is saved because your partner can donate blood to you easily as you two have the same blood type and you will not have to wait for anyone else’s help in such a fatal condition and this will save your life.

The pregnancy complications in a same blood group marriage- Is it a myth?

Before explaining the complications in the married relationship between the same blood group in two people we will have to explain the most important part of the blood type. While considering the blood group or the blood type we do not consider the number, what we consider is the symbol after the alphabet present.

So, basically, we consider the Rh positive or Rh negative blood types here. The Rh-positive blood types are the ones in which the person with Rh-positive will have the antigens of the Rh-positive on the surface of the red blood cell membranes and Rh-negative is the one in which the surface of the membrane of the red blood cells have no antigens on it.

Now the real concern comes here in these types of couples’ lives and the concern is as both the person involved in the married relationship between same blood group has the same antigens, antibodies and also Rh factor they do not face much problem during pregnancy too. There are times when the blood of the child gets into the blood of the mother but it can happen in every case.

If the blood of the child gets into the blood of the mother then there will be less problem in the marriage of two people with the same blood groups because their type of antigens and contents of blood is the same so the child will also have the same blood group and there will be no harm but if there is it can be cured really easily through medical treatments. So the things you hear about same blood group marriage is totally a myth which we have butted here.


Hopefully, this article has helped you with the information you were looking for. This article also mentions the different aspects of the same blood group marriage and how common it is. Maybe people take the married relationship between the same blood group of two people same as a marriage between two blood relatives but believe us that the first one is common but the second one is weird.

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