The Differences Between Acne and Pimple and the System of Treating Them In-home or Medically

The condition of the skin in which the hair follicles of a human being get plugged into the oils of the skin and the skin cells which are dead or nonfunctional is known as Acne. This thing that people call Acne is most common among people between the age groups of thirteen to eighteen that is among teenagers. It affects people of all age groups but is the most harmful for teenagers.

Before knowing about pimples we need to know what causes them. The open hair follicles of our body when gets stuffed or clogged with unwanted extra oil and dead skin cells that is when we get acne and when this clogged pore of the hair follicle is being attacked by a bacteria then it turns into a red bump which is soft, tender and which consists of white pus at its top. That is what we call a pimple.

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Symptoms of Acne

People usually get acne on their forehead, upper back, shoulders, chest, and mostly on their face. The symptoms of this skin condition vary depending on the various factors of your skin factors like your sweating rate, your skin pores, and the severity of the condition. Some of the symptoms of this skin condition are:

  • Whiteheads

This is caused when the closed pores of a person’s body get clogged by oils and dead skin cells.

  • Blackheads

This is quite the opposite of whiteheads as it is caused when the open pores of a person’s body get clogged by oils or dead skin cells.

  • Papules

Papules occur when the condition of acne is not that severe, these are small red tender bumps that mainly grow on your skin.

  • Pimples

We have already talked about pimples, they are small red bumps that are tender and have white pus on top of it which means that they are papules with white pus on top of it. They are also called pustules.

  • Nodules

These are large lumps that appear under the skin due to this skin condition. These are hard like solid and unlike the other symptoms, it gives a lot of pain.

Causes of Acne

We have already talked about the most common reason a person gets into this skin condition where acne appears on their skin and the reason is clogging of the empty hair follicles by oil or by dead skin cells but there are some other things which lead to the formation of acne some of the causes are overproduction of oil (sebum) in our body, bacterial infection or inflammation.

Risk factors causing acne and pimples

Certain factors lead to the formation of acne and pimple some of those are:

  • Age

Age may not be the most important factor but it is one of the factors that lead to this kind of skin condition in humans. People of all age groups may be affected by acne and pimple but it affects teenagers mostly and severely.

  • Hormonal changes

This factor is connected to the previous age factors up to a certain extent. Hormonal changes are one of the main factors for a person who is being affected by this skin condition. The connection between hormonal change and age is that during the teenage years when there are hormonal changes during puberty people will always get affected by this. 

A person may be affected by this form of skin condition if their body comes in direct or close contact with greasy or oily materials.

Difference between acne and pimple

The main difference between acne and pimple is that the first one is a skin condition that occurs due to various factors like hormonal changes, oily skin, dead skin cells, clogging of empty hair follicles, and many more but a pimple is just a red bump on the skin which is tender and has white pus on its top and occurs only as one of the symptoms of acne.

And for a matter of treatment difference acne and pimple can be treated at home by yourself. But in some cases acne can be severe and will require medical attention to be cured and if not severe medical assistance can turn out dangerous.

The treatments to both acne and pimples

In the case of pimples which is a very less severe condition of acne, it is mostly self diagnosable and does not take much time to be diagnosed but in the case of the real cause of a pimple that is acne, a person may need medical attention depending on the severity of the skin condition.


Hopefully, this article has helped you learn about the different causes, symptoms of these two skin conditions and also the difference between acne and pimple.

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